Summer Has Been Meh…

So far my summer has been pretty light. I have more free time due to my summer break from work. Last summer when I did not get as much done as I should’ve creative wise, I made a promise to myself that I would invest more of my time into my projects. One thing I’m learning is that creating alone is not easy. I recently reached out to someone that I respect highly as a creative content creator. He stated that “creativity is a group effort, don’t go at it alone.” This is something that I’ve always stood by. It’s why I love working in groups and collaborating with people. Something I’ve also learned is that you can’t expect everyone to share the same passion or work as hard as you want to. You also can’t expect everyone to have the same availability. During my summer break I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I’ve been reading material that’s going to inspire me to reach my goals. I’ll do another post about the materials I’ve been reading another day.

Doing this podcast and website is a great passion of mine, and I really am hard on myself about giving the best content possible. It also is difficult because if I don’t feel something is my best work I don’t want to release it. The best feeling in the world is having someone want your material. I’m learning that I do have supporters that really look forward to hearing and reading my material. I have all the tools to deliver very frequent. With that being said I’m going to give you the content you deserve, as well as the content that I believe in. Thank you for rocking with me, and stay tuned!

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