The End of Days is Near!

This story really makes me sick. I can’t be any more serious. According to the Web a Mass will be held in San Francisco in worship of Beyoncé. This is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard to be honest. The Bible does speak of worshiping idol gods, and this hits right on the nail if you ask me. 

via NBC Bay Area:

The Vine SF at Grace Cathedral invites parishioners “to sing your Beyoncé favorites and discover how her art opens a window into the lives of marginalized and forgotten — particularly black females.”

Rev. Yolanda Norton, an assistant professor of Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary, will also be a featured speaker at the mass. Norton also teaches a course called “Beyoncé and the Bible,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

If Beyoncé haves any type of soul I would think she would speak out on this. Judging from her recent work, she seems to think she is some type of royalty though in my opinion. Will you all be giving praise to Beysus? 

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