I Don’t Think Mariah Carey is THAT Crazy

Mariah Carey and her former manager Stella Bulochnikov split may not be as civil as it was once reported. According to what’s being said, Stella is taking Mariah to court, and plan to tell some private information about her mental health. One story that came out this week is Mariah being hospitalized back in 2016 after she was preparing a dinner party for Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston. (WHOM WHERE ALL DEAD AT THE TIME). 

According to The Blast, Carey’s nanny called Nick Cannon one 2016 night after she found the singer “wearing a ball gown and a tiara” as well as a Ring-Pop that she said was gifted to her by “the royal family.” At the time, the singer reportedly asked the nanny to get her kids ready for a dinner party with Jackson, Houston and Prince — who were all dead by then.

After hearing about Carey’s bizarre actions from the nanny, Cannon called Bulochnikov. Minutes later, the star’s entire team arrived at her home and took her to the hospital to receive psychiatric help. She was put on involuntary 5150 hold and later sent to the Beverly Hills Hotel for various weeks, along with a private doctor, to continue treatment. She was soon diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

While she sounds bat sh*t crazy according to these accusations, I still think it could be an episode that was really blown out of proportion. Mariah did come out to People Magazine’s editor about being diagnosed with Bi-Polar II. Did she come forward with that because these stories were about to come out? Maybe… I don’t think stories of Mariah being crazy are anything new to us, and this can’t do anything but set her up for a much better come back. 


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