Why I Think Cardi B Is Winning

I’ll start by saying that I really didn’t believe Cardi B had a solid shot at a good music career. I remember hearing her first mixtape, and didn’t think she had what it takes to capture music fans. My boy that listened to her first mixtape actually liked it. I won’t say it was horrible, but I will say that it wasn’t for me. One thing about Cardi B you can’t deny is her ability to entertain an audience. She does come from a social media background where she did things ‘just right’ in my opinion. She knew what to share, and what had the ability to go viral. Then came Love and Hip Hop. (I think Love and Hip Hop actually needed Cardi more than she needed their platform). I do think that platform helped a little bit, but I don’t think it helped shape her music career one bit. If you didn’t know already Cardi B haves what I believe is the #2 single on the Billboard charts. She’s been seen everywhere during New York Fashion Week, and even took a photo with Beyonce at the recent Made in America Music Festival in Philly. That #2 single that I’m speaking of is Bodak Yellow. When I first received the record in my record pool a few months ago I really didn’t get excited about it. It was just another song from Cardi B in my opinion. Then the hype came and the constant spins. The reason why I think Cardi is doing so well is not entirely due to her musical talent, but it’s the energy that she brings. I think Cardi is truly herself. Unlike a female artists that’s gained music success over the past 5 to 7 years, I think Cardi doesn’t have to be anyone but who she’s been since she first made her Instagram debut. I remember hearing her on a podcast a long time ago speak about how she really wanted to work on music. I thought a EDM track was in the works. Something that didn’t require much talent from her at all. One thing you have to remember is Cardi comes from a stripper background as well. I believe dancers have a good ear for good music. Hell that’s how they make their money. All in all I’m here for what Cardi B is bringing. She makes me smile overtime  I hear and see her. That’s all I ask for from some entertainers. Will she have a long lasting music career? Only time will tell. Lets see if she can keep the momentum rolling and Things of That Nature.

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