Why Apple Music Means so Much to Me…

Of course I’m a huge lover of music. I’m a DJ. I wake up to music, and pretty much fall asleep to music. (Thanks to Sonos). I’ll tell you a quick story why Apple Music means so much to me. Many years ago when I first moved out on my own it was a few items I actually owned. My music collection was something that meant a lot to me. I remember having my two tall speakers, and a home computer that my mom let me have. (Which had a lot of stuff that we stole from Lime-Wire growing up). That’s all I really needed. Had no cable, video game system. Just my music, headphones and my DJ equipment. Well About 2 years later after I finally began to get on my feet, sustain a great job, and build my apartment up, something tragic happened. While attending an event for Wendy Williams in NYC my apartment was actually being broken into. At that time I did have a laptop, and ironically it had to be sent off to HP to be repaired at the time of the break in. When I returned home to see the damage it was bad! Everything I worked for was gone. From my DJ equipment, to my Family Guy pajamas. That includes my music collection I built up for YEARS! On a slight good side, I still had some music on my laptop that was being repaired. I had many physical copies of music, mixtapes, rare music and special mixes that I collected since the age of about 14.

Now to where Apple Music comes into play today. With my Apple Music subscription I am able to download maybe 85 percent of those albums, and singles that I had much love for back in that time. I play certain songs that just take me back to when I first ventured out on my own, and had the desire to get into entertainment. At one point I lost that fire. I really didn’t know how to get it back. It all came back down to the music. As long as I have a pair of headphones, and a playlist, I am at my best self. (A Sonos speaker, and wifi never hurt either).

This is just something I really wanted to share with everyone. Music is something that is very important to me. Give it a try, and see how much music in your home, office, vacation home, and car can change the way you feel day to day.

-Tim Rahshad

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