Black Privlege

Over the past week I’ve had the chance to get Charlamagne Tha God’s book titled Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It.

I’ll start by saying this. I’ve been a supporter of Charlamagne for a very long time now. The first time I’ve ever gotten a change to listen to him was when he was working for Wendy Williams. Anyone that already follows Charlamagne knows that him and Wendy are not on speaking terms. Well that’s the way that he puts it. (He explains why in the book also, so I won’t speak on the reason.) In the book he speaks about 8 principles that helped put him on the road to success. I would call his book a mixture between a self-help book, and autobiography.

 On a personal level when it comes to Charlamagne I will be honest. I’m not a listener of his radio show The Breakfast Club. Which in my opinion is where he is best known from. My reason for not listening to the show is I just don’t like it. Angela Yee, I really enjoy listening to her. As far as Envy I love him as a DJ, producer and someone who has done a lot of great A&R work in the music business. When it comes to Charlamagne I’m not sure why I like him. I think the reason why I have always been drawn to him is because of the journey that he was on. It’s very similar to the journey I’ve always seen for myself. Everything from the radio, to being on television and being a voice for the hip hop community. Just like him I was big fans of Wendy Williams and Star and Bucwild. Those were the days I was in love with radio. I can honestly say I think I hate on Charlamange in a playful way.

 One of the things that stand out to me in the book is when he says, “Fuck ya dreams.” He once wanted to be a rapper. Someone let him know that he would not be a good rapper, and pretty much fuck the dream he had about being a rapper. I remember once upon a time I wanted to be an artist. I also had a huge love for radio. Just like Charlamagne, I once remember Wendy Williams always speaking about how you either will be of the industry or not. How the hell was I going to try and build relationships in the industry being an artist, but also wanted to be the guy asking the tough questions in the interviews? I struggled a very long time as far as whether I wanted to be an artist or media figure. I know what I decided to choose. I think you have an idea which direction I decided to go in as well.



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