The Annoyance of Being Misunderstood….

Have you ever had that handful of friends that tell you things about yourself that is so far from what the truth is? On a personally level it seems like I’ve had that all of my adult life. I can’t blame them because they are only judging based off what they see. The thing that becomes annoying is that rather than asking questions, they just assume things based of what they are seeing. One thing about me is that I never assume. I tend to ask as many questions as possible so I can get a clear understanding of my friends and family. I know you can’t expect everyone to operate like that, but it would be nice if a good handful of the people that you call friends did. Next week I’m going to record an episode where I can just set the record straight about a lot of misconceptions that I’ve learned that the people are close to me have. If you’d like to share some of the misconception that others have about you please share. I’m interested. In my opinion, it’s a huge part of getting to know one another.

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